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Exclusive Million Dollar Medical Transportation DVD Series

Congratulations on pursuing your entrepreneurial spirit and your desire to build a thriving non-emergency medical transportation business!

I am very excited to share with you my newest DVD Series, “How to Build a Million Dollar NEMT Business.”  In response to many changes in our growing industry and demand from many client-providers, I put together this five (5) disc series to help all of you who are either starting a new or seeking to improve an existing NEMT business.

As we all know, the elderly population is rapidly multiplying, going to double by the year 2030, and the medical industry is becoming more dynamic with technological advancements and growing in size and scope. Obviously, such growth and projections offer increased opportunities for the medical transportation industry and other support services.

I could spend considerable time discussing the many benefits of our growing industry and the quality of my material. But because you’re here, seeking advanced training, strategies, and techniques in this niche business, I’m going to be unorthodox and assume you’re already serious and are aware of the great opportunities.


I could spend considerable time discussing the many benefits of our growing industry and the quality of my material. But because you’re here, seeking advanced training, strategies, and techniques in this niche business, I’m going to be unorthodox and assume you’re already serious and are aware of the great opportunities. 

Rather than bragging about my experience, the number of client-providers I assist, the contracts and acquisitions I’ve negotiated, etc., please feel free to watch some of the many videos and written testimonials from client-providers around the country.

Trust me, I know there is a lot of generic crap online.  My office is regularly contacted by providers seeking help.  After reading and digesting much of the inexperienced free crap online, motivated entrepreneurs launch their business based on false premises, poor advice, and unrealistic expectations.  Once these providers realize they've purchased the wrong vehicles, assets, signed disastrous agreements, then they contact us in hopes of performing damage control and playing clean-up duty.  

Needless to say, I can't encourage you enough to practice discernment and avoid the free, nonsensical crap readily available online.  You want material and advice that does the following: 

  • Educates you on the changing industry so you can maximize market opportunity
  • Teaches you how to build a legitimate brand to dominate your local market
  • Positions you to secure profitable contracts and service agreements
  • Helps you discern what is and is not a quality broker agreement
  • Insulates you from tedious headaches that plague naïve and unsuspecting providers
  • Develops effective processes and procedures so you increase efficiency and profitability 
  • And much, much more.


If you’re serious about learning how to start your business incrementally, using a “Controlled Growth Strategy” to protect your capital investment while increasing cash flow, then this Series is exactly what you need.

If you’re serious about growing and scaling your business so you can leverage the efforts of many versus operating perpetually as an independent operator, essentially owning your own job, then this Series is critical for you!

If you’re eager to learn how to properly solicit and intertwine your services with facilities, hospitals, healthcare complexes, and associated organizations so your business always remains relevant and in demand, then this Series is a must! 

Again, I could go on and on discussing the incredible crap and misguided advice we see.  Many times, the situation is a catastrophe and complete waste of our time and your money – especially if you’ve already signed “loser” contracts or purchased the wrong vehicles and assets!

Joel Davis, hosting a live event in Virginia
Joel Davis, hosting a live event in Virginia


….can you also be sure to share my appreciation with Joel? All of his material has been incredible and valued well beyond what I paid. He has completely changed the way I am approaching this business and it would not have been possible without you guys. Had I listened to others I can only image where I would be at and how much money I would have wasted. Thank you Joel, Dan, and your entire team. 

I will see you guys at the Top!

Tyree Wilson 

Joel's NEMT Business Evaluation Process

Before I go further in discussing “How to Build a Million Dollar NEMT Business,” I will mention that  with your investment you will receive FREE copies of my best-selling ebooks and a FREE copy of “NEMT Business Evaluation Process,” a literal recording from one of my live events where I discuss the criteria I use in evaluating an NEMT business - typically for sale or acquisition.

I will go so far as to equate the “NEMT Business Evaluation Process” Series to “liquid gold” because I literally explain and breakdown the criteria I use for valuating a business when representing either a buyer or seller – the strengths, weaknesses, weight of specific contracts and agreement, assets, financials, and more.

You will definitely want to start by studying my ebooks prior to watching my DVDs because we don't cover the same foundational material. Rather, in my DVDs we go into greater detail discussing strategies and tactics, positioning your business in pursuit of increase market share, soliciting and connecting with potential customers, facilities, and much more.


Note: When you invest in Joel's DVD Series you will receive FREE copies of Joel's best-selling ebooks.  This is a significant savings.  Please understand, if you choose to invest in Joel's ebooks and later invest in his DVD Series there will not be a refund or discount.  Everyone is given the opportunity to invest in Joel's material either together or separate.  If you would like to receive FREE copies of Joel's ebooks, please feel free to invest in his DVD Series or exclusive one-on-one coaching opportunity.  

In being unorthodox, because you've read this far, I'm assuming you're already serious and are aware of the growing opportunities in our industry.  I don’t need to waste your time trying to convince you on the opportunity or value.   So let me share who this information is NOT for:

  • Whether you're new or experienced in the NEMT industry, if you think you “know it all” and already have all the answers, this information is definitely not for you!  Learning is a never-ending journey, and if you're not humbled enough to consider you might have more to learn, then investing in my material would be a waste of your time and money

  • If you're currently an owner-operator and plan on remaining an owner-operator, maybe driving for Uber, Lyft, or other contractor/rideshare services, you definitely want to avoid my material.  Serving as an owner-operator is NOT owning your own business – it’s owning your own job!  My material is designed to teach you how to grow, scale, and multiply your business so you are a legitimate business owner versus owning your own job

  • If you’re adamant about starting your business operating your own sedan, handing out business cards, then you don't need my help.  So many people operate a sedan or minivan and think they are an NEMT provider because they take some elderly ambulatory people to doctors appointments.  NO!  You are a taxi service, not an NEMT provider!  Being a legitimate NEMT provider means you are, as a minimum, wheelchair accessible, possibly stretcher accessible depending on your state, and you are going to position yourself to pursue legitimate contracts and service agreements

  • If you’re adamant on building your business so you are 100% dependent on Medicaid, then my material will not serve you well.  I understand the attraction to “guaranteed government money.” Everyone thinks Medicaid and/or broker work is the “Holy Grail.”  But trust me, it’s not.  I refer to it as “low hanging fruit” because, essentially, anyone can get.  So, there is nothing providential about Medicaid or broker work.  My goal is for you to build a diverse and dynamic business with multiple sources of revenue and clientele


Joel's DVD Series with FREE ebooks and bonus DVD Series


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