Market Research for Your Medical Transportation Service

Are you interested in learning more about your local market opportunities?  Maybe you're interested in expanding to new areas but need an enhanced assessment of market conditions.  Maybe you're working on developing a business plan or preparing for a grant.  There are a host of reasons why a custom market analysis will be of great value to you.

Our goal in preparing your custom Market Analysis is simple - identify all potential hospitals, nursing, rehab, assisted living facilities, and dialysis centers in your local community to determine market potential and provide you with a very "warm market" when you begin soliciting new business.  We accomplish this by determining the distance from your office to each facility locations.  We then call each facility, literally, in hopes of determining a host of key indicators as follows:

"The market analysis is awesome.  Thanks guys!  It exceeded our expectations and we can't thank you enough.  We honestly didn't think we would get this many leads for what we paid.  You guys definitely went above and beyond and I know it will help with our planning.  Thanks Joel and team.  we look forward to working with you."

See you at the Top!

Christine Bailey

Our Key Objectives When Contacting Facilities

Determine Current Providers

Who is currently providing transportation service for their residents/patients?  Does the facility in-house transportation our outsource? 

Existing Contracts or Agreements

If the facility outsources transportation, do they have any existing contracts or service agreements with local vendors?

Size of Population

What is the population size?  This is an important  variable for strategic planning and when preparing a business plan.

Type of Residents

What is the composition of the resident population?  Are they private pay, Medicaid, a combination?  What are the percentages?

Solicitation Possibilities

What is the best way to introduce our service to the facility?  Do we need to schedule an appointment or visit at our convenience?

Point of Contact/Decision Makers

Who is the ideal person to speak with about medical transportation possibilities and serving as a primary vendor or support service?  Speaking to the right person is critical for market research. 

Is it difficult to create a Market Analysis?  

No, definitely not.  But it definitely takes considerable time and effort doing the research and calling each facility.  So especially if you're short on time, enlisting the help of my team is critical.

Another primary benefit to enlisting the help of my team is they know what questions to ask.  Some facilities openly share information and others are more discrete.  Facilities have different policies and procedures and not everyone is willing to share information.  Therefore, sometimes it takes "enhanced skill" to get answers.  

How long does it take to complete a Market Analysis?

As of right now, due to existing projects in our queue and the time it takes for research, calling prospective facilities, leaving messages, playing phone-tag, etc., we are operating at about 9-10 weeks for delivery.

How will I receive my Market Analysis?

All Market Analysis will be delivered via email in spreadsheet format only.

"Awesome....can't thank you enough for the help! This gives us a great start point that we otherwise wouldn't have. We are going to start following up on these leads right away and defining our sandbox."

Thanks again,
Jacob Alvarez

"Thank you Joel to you and your team. The leads are great! It is going to save us a lot of time and leg work. We were planning on approaching some of the facilities on the list but the contact names is going to make our job that much easier. We look forward to your help in refining our plan for approaching these contacts."

See you at the Top!
John and Celeste Castore 

Additional important details regarding your custom Market Analysis:

  • We NEED a physical address to develop your Market Analysis.  Please email us the physical address of your office.  If you don't have one, we suggest using the address of a centralized hospital or common location within the area you plan to frequent
  • This specific Market Analysis opportunity does NOT include personal coaching.  If you require personal coaching, please click here
  • We cannot guarantee complete accuracy for each lead. There are occasions when we leave multiple messages and simply receive no return phone calls. Under such circumstances, there is nothing we can do other than provide as much information about that lead as possible
  • Because your Market Analysis is a custom project requiring a great deal of time and effort, under no circumstances do we offer a full or partial refund

Custom Market Analysis

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Congratulations on investing in the custom opportunity.  
Please email us the physical address you would like to use for your project. 

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