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A native of upstate New York, Joel Davis is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point where he majored in pre-law, minored in systems engineering.  An All-ECAC player, Joel was captain of the 1995 Army football team. Upon graduation from the Academy, Joel was commissioned as a Field Artillery Officer in the US Army and stationed at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.  After receiving an honorable discharge, Joel spent time serving as a reserve offensive lineman with the Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts. 

An entrepreneur by nature, after leaving football, Joel launched his first business, a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) company, with a single vehicle in early 2000.  In experiencing success and signing multiple contracts with major hospitals and associated facilities, Joel later formed Maximus Management Group, a consulting agency dedicated to helping coach and mentor other entrepreneurs on building successful seven figure businesses. 

In working with an untold number of client-providers across the country, Joel gained firsthand knowledge of the home care industry leading him to author How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency, a compliment to his already best-selling ebook, How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company

In early 2010, Joel traveled to Boston to meet with a group of venture capitalist with the goal of securing funding for a large consortium of NEMT providers.  Although impressed by his success and experience in the NEMT industry, the venture capitalists found the lack of continuity and irregularities with rules and regulations between states problematic.  Despite their lack of vision for an industry on the rise, Joel instantly found inspiration for the need to form the United Medical Transportation Providers Group. Since launching in 2010, the UMTPG has been able to boast membership in all 50 states and assisted countless member-providers ranging from new ventures to large fleets.

Joel E. Davis, Founder, the United Medical Transportation Providers Group
Joel E. Davis, Founder, the United Medical Transportation Providers Group

In 2011, while assisting an existing NEMT client-provider enhance what was a niche moving business, Joel became inspired to create and launch similar business but doing so as a broker versus a traditional business owner. In experiencing compounding annual success, by 2015, Joel’s broker business boasted a small army of contractors operating in five states.

During a meeting in 2016 with a group of attorneys interested in creating an insurance captive to underwrite qualified UMTPG members, attorneys became intrigued by the growing success of Joel’s broker business. After consecutive meetings in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, they proposed a collaborative partnership to license Joel’s broker business model with aspirations of creating a national network capable of integrating with the supply chain management of some of the country’s largest retailers and corporate companies. 

In February of 2018, (YATB) was launched to an exclusive group of experienced entrepreneurs and later to the general public. By early 2019, boasted active licensees in 28 states and growing. 

Joel has become a best-selling author, mentor to an untold number of client-providers, and builder of multiple seven figure businesses. He is frequently retained to provide "expert testimony" for legal disputes associated with the medical transportation industry and is regularly engaged in business acquisitions and executive evaluations on behalf of client-providers. Joel is regularly retained to mentor clients on business development, negotiate contracts and service agreements, advise on business acquisitions.

To learn more about working with and retaining Joel's help in developing a new or evaluating an existing business model, please read and select the link to the right. 

Exclusive Coaching with Joel

The value of personal coaching and mentorship cannot be understated.  As Joel says, "A smart man learns from his own mistakes, but a truly wise man learns from the mistakes of others - it's a whole lot easier and more cost effective!" 

By choosing to enlist Joel's one-on-one help in building, growing, or diversifying your business you are  going to literally avoid making many costly mistakes common to inexperienced entrepreneurs in our industry.  You'll be leveraging years of personal experience - successes, failures, knowledge, experiences and more. Because no two businesses are the same, this exclusive  coaching opportunity is unique and personalized based on your experiences, available resources, vision, and the needs of your local community.   

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